If what you’re looking for in a ministry or Bible teaching is simply a motivational message that makes you feel good about yourself, but leaves you unchanged, then stop right here!

But if you are serious about the things of God and have a heart to be all that He created you to be, then read on. Though the current trend in religious circles is to sugar-coat the gospel, dumb it down, and present it in a way that appeals to the masses, we can’t join in!

Maybe you see our teaching as too deep or too hard, but we must only share what God has put on our hearts. If you ARE tired of the status-quo and are ready for more….more understanding, more victory, more freedom, and more of God, then this is for YOU!

The purpose of this website, as well as this ministry, is to proclaim the pure truth of the gospel — not only a forgiveness of sin, but the power to literally destroy the old man with his sin nature and cause him to be an entirely new creature with the Divine nature.

There are multitudes of people who are weary and heavy-laden from trying to follow man-made doctrines and formulas that don’t have any power to truly deliver us from the bondage of sin. Though having zeal and pursuing God, they remain in the condition of the man in Romans 7 — still enslaved to the flesh, the world, and the devil.

The only way to be freed from this bondage is to know the Truth and be fully persuaded that the law of the Spirit of Life in Christ Jesus makes us free from the law of sin and death.